We hustle to reduce your hassles.

We’re the source for fitness design and consulting. The source for premium equipment and expert installation. The source for professional maintenance and cleaning. Hiring one integrated, experienced team with a national footprint and efficient system makes it easy for you to realize a fitness space that’s not only innovative, but also easy to manage.

Equipment Planning

Fitness equipment is a long-term investment. Do you want a circuit? Isometrics? Classic free weights? Something unique? From brand to equipment type, there are hundreds of options. We’ve helped thousands of companies over the years design a space that is perfect for their needs. Our team will work with you to develop realistic solutions based on your space, clients, and overall concept. We can’t wait to help you make a smart investment to improve your space.

Custom Design Plans

No two spaces are alike, so your fitness space should be equally unique. Our specialized fitness design engineers will discuss your clients, goals, square footage, and aesthetics to build out the perfect solution for your space. After our initial consult, we will create a CAD drawing, including equipment layout, along with a materials reference. We’ll take into consideration functionality, flow, light sources, brand tone—and of course, budget.

Facility Installation

You’ve made smart decisions to complete your customized design and plan your equipment layout. Now it’s time to realize your vision. Our logistics experts are trained to follow every detail of the build-out, from flooring and acoustics to safe equipment installation. We’ll even remove and recycle all existing equipment as part of our process. If you want a hassle-free experience setting up your fitness center, go to the leader in the space for eighty-six years and counting.

Preventive Maintenance

The average commercial treadmill logs nearly 10,000 miles a year. Our skilled technicians will keep your equipment running smoothly and operating safely with a comprehensive service plan that fits your budget. From ellipticals to Stair Masters, treadmills, and spin bikes, we’ll minimize interruptions and optimize performance year-round. We will also manage your entire fitness equipment asset list throughout its warranty and non-warranty periods. This includes location, install date, make, model, serial number, and service record of your equipment. You’re welcome.


We provided customized financing and leasing programs from third-party partners to help you outfit your space with premium equipment.


Consistent sanitization is critical for health clubs, hotels, and corporate fitness centers. We will review your space and equipment setup and send you cleaning supplies on a monthly basis. If we design your gym from scratch, we will include an annual maintenance and cleaning supply package as part of our estimate.