We keep your fitness center up and running.

Your largest investment as a fitness facility is the equipment, therefore maximizing the longevity of this equipment is vital. a few focused minutes a day will benefit all those involved such as your members and staff as well as the reputation of your facility.

Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Program

Our preventive maintenance and inspection program (PMI) is designed based on decades of experience in maintaining and servicing commercial fitness equipment. Our direct manufacturer relationships ensure that technicians have access to equipment service pros and engineering teams.

Gym Source USA set the standard in PMI programs. Our program is designed to find what needs attention now and identify parts that may be approaching the end of their useful life cycle, thereby, saving you future equipment down time and reducing emergency service calls.

Each Gym Source PMI program includes a complete schedule of your equipment by classification, make, model and serial number. You may elect to include date of purchase and cost. This ensures that you always have a complete and accurate listing of equipment and accurate information when preparing repair budgets and planning equipment refreshes.

Our PMI program has proven to be the most effective approach to maintaining commercial fitness equipment at minimum cost and with less downtime.

Choose Your Program

Flexible, customized programs to meet your unique needs. Choose 1, 2 or 3 program year term with 2, 3, 4 or 12 inspections per year.

• 5-25% savings on new, non-warranty parts.
• 5-10% savings on non-warranty labor.

New equipment purchases are automatically covered under your PMI contract at no additional cost.

One Time Labor, Reducing Repair Expense

When we identify the need for non-warranty parts replacement during your scheduled PMI inspection, you will receive a parts and labor quote for your approval. There is never an additional charge for labor performed at the time of your PMI, only when there is a need to return prior to your next scheduled inspection. We call this a “one time labor” charge.

Warranty Parts & Labor

For parts and labor covered by manufacturer warranty: Gym Source USA will provide you written PMI findings for warranty equipment, including parts information. This information may help you facilitate your manufacturer’s warranty claim. Warranty coverage is between you and the manufacturer. Except whereby prohibited by manufacturer, you may elect to have Gym Source USA perform warranty labor outside of your warranty coverage at your expense*.

*Warranty parts are at no additional expense.

Pay As You Go

• Standard labor rates, one hour minimum
• Initial inspection includes assessment, adjustments and/or programming
• Parts and installation quote, when required
• Technician time is scheduled on a prepaid basis
• Required parts are ordered on a prepaid basis

Service Labor Packages

• Available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 unit packages. Each unit is one appointment consisting up to 90 minutes of labor.
• Prepaid units good for 24-months.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty programs provide protection against part failures over a stated period of time. Some parts are covered for longer periods than others and labor warranty may apply to some things, not all. Parts and labor warranty coverage is strictly between you as the equipment owner and the manufacturer, not the distributor. No warranty program includes preventive maintenance.


When your equipment or a component of your equipment is not covered by warranty, you are responsible for parts and labor. Generally, parts are available for 10-years by most major manufacturers of fitness equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

A properly designed preventive​ maintenance program will help​ ensure maximum equipment life​ cycle, and, therefore, maximum return-on- investment.  A best of​ class program is customized by​ equipment type, usage, and age​ and includes both maintenance​ and inspections.

Our skilled technicians will keep your equipment running smoothly and operating safely with a comprehensive service plan that fits your budget. From ellipticals to Stair Masters, treadmills, and spin bikes, we’ll minimize interruptions and optimize performance year-round. We will also manage your entire fitness equipment asset list throughout its warranty and non-warranty periods. This includes location, install date, make, model, serial number, and service record of your equipment. You’re welcome.

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