Preventive Maintenance and Inspections for Commercial Facilities

At Gym Source USA, we understand the importance of maintaining and servicing commercial fitness equipment. With decades of experience and direct manufacturer relationships, we have honed our Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (PMI) program to set the industry standard.

Tailored Solutions

Our PMI program is not one-size-fits-all; it’s the result of years of experience and close collaboration with equipment manufacturers. We ensure that our technicians have access to the latest service protocols and engineering insights, enabling them to provide excellent maintenance support.

Proactive Approach for Optimal Performance

Gym Source USA’s PMI program is designed to be proactive, identifying issues before they become costly problems. By conducting inspections at your chosen rate, we pinpoint areas that need attention and assess parts that may be nearing the end of their lifecycle. This approach saves you future equipment downtime and reduces the need for emergency service calls.

Flexible Program Options for Your Needs

We understand that every fitness facility has unique requirements, which is why we offer flexible program options. Choose between 1, 2, or 3 program year terms with 2, 3, 4, or 12 inspections per year to suit your specific needs. Plus, enjoy significant savings on new, non-warranty parts (5-25%) and non-warranty labor (5-10%).

One-Time Labor and Warranty Coverage

During scheduled PMI inspections, if we identify the need for non-warranty parts replacement, you’ll receive a quote for parts and labor approval. For warranty parts and labor, like that of Core Health and Fitness, we provide written findings to assist with your manufacturer’s warranty claim process. There’s never an additional charge for labor performed during your PMI visit. However, if there is a need for us to return prior to your next scheduled inspection, there is a “one-time labor” charge.

At Gym Source USA, we believe that our Preventive Maintenance & Inspection program is the most effective approach to maintaining commercial fitness equipment. With minimum cost and less downtime, you can trust us to keep your facility running smoothly while you focus on achieving your fitness goals. Choose Gym Source USA for unparalleled maintenance support and peace of mind.