Suspension Training With TRX Bands

TRX suspension training bands are a versatile and innovative fitness tool designed to provide a full-body workout by leveraging body weight and gravity. The system typically consists of adjustable nylon straps with handles and anchor points, allowing users to engage in a wide range of exercises that target various muscle groups. The straps can be secured to a stable anchor point, such as a door frame, tree, or specially designed TRX anchor, creating a suspended platform for exercises. The user’s body becomes the resistance, and by adjusting the length and angle of the straps, the intensity of the workout can be customized for different fitness levels. TRX suspension training promotes functional strength, flexibility, and stability as it requires engagement of the core muscles for balance and control. It is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, offering a scalable and dynamic workout that can be easily adapted for different goals, whether it be strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, or overall functional fitness.

Below are a few TRX suspension workouts that exercise every muscle in your body!

1. TRX Biceps Curl to TRX Low Row

    • Execute a TRX Biceps Curl with palms up and upper arms parallel to the ground.
    • After one rep, transition to a neutral grip and perform a TRX Low Row with elbows down and a neutral spine.

2. TRX Single Leg Squat to TRX Single Leg Balance Reach

    • Maintain straight arms during the TRX Single Leg Squat, emphasizing weight on the heel to mid-foot and an upright posture.
    • After each repetition, hinge from the hip, apply handle pressure, extend the heel toward the back wall, and lower into a Balance Reach or deadlift position with a neutral spine.

3. TRX Crossing Balance Lunge to TRX Step Side Lunge

    • Lower into a TRX Crossing Balance Lunge, reaching the rear leg diagonally behind.
    • On the way up, bring the rear leg to the side, aligning ankle, knee, and hip joints, and sit back into a TRX Step Side Lunge while keeping the head, chest, and feet forward.

4. TRX Burpee to TRX Scorpion

    • Following the push-up in the TRX Burpee, perform the TRX Scorpion by rotating the torso and bringing the free leg under the body.
    • Rotate the torso in the opposite direction to bring the free leg over the body, then return to push-up position, drive the knee up, and stand tall to complete one rep.

5. TRX Low Row to TRX Triceps Extension

    • Maintain a neutral grip for the TRX Low Row, pulling explosively to go under the anchor point.
    • Immediately transition into a TRX Triceps Extension in an explosive manner, ensuring the TRX is fully shortened. This exercise is recommended for healthy and experienced TRX users.

These TRX exercises are designed for versatility and effectiveness, suitable for various fitness levels. If you have the space and clientele that are interested in such suspension workouts, then Gym Source has the fitness facility solution for you.  Learn how easy it is to add a TRX station to your facility today!