Add Some Intensity To Your Fitness Space with Throwdown

Are you looking to add a functional training piece of equipment to raise the intensity in your fitness facility? Look no further than Throwdown. From functional training zones to boxing, mixed martial arts and more, Throwdown products are the differentiator in any facility. At the heart of their product offerings is their diverse line of functional training rigs. 

Throwdown rigs are incredibly versatile and can accommodate various exercises, from bodyweight movements like pull-ups and dips to weightlifting and functional training exercises. This versatility means that a single piece of equipment can serve many purposes, making it a cost-effective addition to any gym. The best part is each rig can be customized to fit the specific needs of a fitness facility. Gym owners can configure the rig with various attachments, such as pull-up bars, dip stations, climbing ropes, and more, to create a setup that suits their members’ preferences and workout styles. They can be as elaborate or standard as you would like based on your fitness space or needs.

Rigs are often the first piece of equipment requested when creating group training or even fee-based programs. With the customization capability, a rig is easily built to efficiently enhance space and will suit any group size for training sessions. A rig gives you a unique piece of equipment that will easily transform unutilized space into a landmark for members on the workout floor. 

When customizing your rig, it is best to begin with the end in mind. In other words, what are your desired objectives for the space and your members? Throwdown rigs can efficiently use vertical space, which is beneficial for smaller fitness facilities where floor space may be limited. This makes it possible to offer a variety of workout options in a compact area. For those focused on functional fitness, such as CrossFit, rigs are essential. They provide the equipment needed for functional movements and high-intensity workouts, aligning with the principles of functional fitness training. 

No matter the size of your gym or the level of your fitness members, rigs create a central hub for fitness enthusiasts to gather, work out, and interact. They promote a sense of community and camaraderie, as participants can encourage each other and share workout experiences while offering versatility, customization, and the ability to optimize space as you cater to a variety of fitness needs. 

If you are interested in taking your fitness facility to the next level by adding quality products and custom design options, then the Throwdown brand is your answer and Gym Source has it for you.