Unveiling the Evolution of Performance

Throughout history, performance has stood as a coveted benchmark for athletic products and equipment.  The essence of ‘performance’ exceeds prior achievements and individuals push beyond perceived limits. While this concept has been ingrained for ages, today it has woven itself into the fabric of mainstream culture.


Enter the Star Trac FreeRunner – Redefining comfort and enhancing performance.


The Star Trac FreeRunner emerges from a vision to redefine running comfort and make it accessible to all. Inherent in its design is the resolve to mitigate the high-impact nature of running, thereby empowering a wider spectrum of individuals to engage in this invigorating activity. Recognizing that traditional treadmills fall short, Star Trac set out to engineer a revolutionary solution, and exceed expectation.


At the heart of this innovation lies the HexDeck, an ingenious patent-pending deck system. Unlike conventional MDF board decks, the HexDeck employs an aluminum deck that harmonizes with a hexagonal polymer suspension system. This integration facilitates a heightened level of flexibility compared to MDF, enabling us to absorb the impact of each stride more effectively than ever before. This translates to reduced muscle fatigue during workouts and diminished post-exercise soreness.


Embrace a New Era of Performance


The FreeRunner beckons a paradigm shift, granting individuals of all backgrounds a pathway to enhanced performance. Engaging with the FreeRunner guarantees an elevated experience, a realm where ‘doing more’ becomes a tangible reality. Gym Source invites you to embark on this transformative journey and include it in your next facility install. Let your next run be a testament to the newfound horizons of performance excellence.