Nautilus Freedom Trainer Is A Total Body Solution

Discover the Nautilus HumanSport line, a revolutionary training solution designed to mirror our body’s natural mechanics, offering unique benefits that traditional machines cannot match. In this article, we will explore the reasons why HumanSport stands out as a vital and distinctive training tool for your members and clients.

The 3D Approach to Functional Training: In the real world, life happens in three dimensions. Muscles never work in isolation during day-to-day activities, whether it’s at home, work, or during sports. To excel in the “sport” of life, your training program must adopt a 3D approach. Functional training, which focuses on multi-dimensional movements that correlate with real-life and athletic activities, is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Why Cable Based Training Is Ideal for Functionality: Cable based training proves to be an excellent protocol for functional movements. Unlike traditional isolated strength machines, cable-based exercises allow users to define their motion paths, offering unlimited programming opportunities. By providing resistance in multiple planes of motion, at varying speeds, and with diverse user progressions, cable-based machines engage the entire myofascial network, leading to enhanced muscular balance and movement efficiency.

Introducing Nautilus HumanSport: The Nautilus HumanSport line boasts simplicity, intuition, and a natural feel, as if it were custom-built for each user. This circuit includes seven dual-function, cable-based machines, which effectively act as fourteen workout stations. These machines utilize dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training options, catering to Base Strength, Core Stabilization, and Dynamic Movement training. The most recent addition to the lineup is the dynamic Freedom Trainer.

Unleashing the Freedom Trainer’s Versatility: The Nautilus HumanSport Freedom Trainer takes versatility to a new level by allowing user-defined paths of motion, making it possible to perform virtually any activity. The dual arms of the Freedom Trainer adjust in two planes, offering an infinite number of exercises that imitate various sports-related activities and daily life movements. With its counterbalanced arms, adjusting between exercises becomes seamless, bringing the beauty of natural movement into the exercise environment.

The Benefits of HumanSport Training:

• Base Strength Benefits: HumanSport strengthens individual muscle groups with outside stabilization, preparing and building the muscles necessary for effective training. It also enhances flexibility and stability, ensuring readiness for more challenging workouts.

• Core Stabilization Benefits: Integrating core stabilization and multi-planar movements improves strength and balance, allowing you to perform better and maximize the benefits of individual muscle group workouts.

• Dynamic Movement Benefits: HumanSport’s dynamic movement approach trains muscles from various angles, enhancing overall movement, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Why Choose Nautilus HumanSport?
1. Efficient Lock n Load System: HumanSport features dual weight stacks with the patented Lock n Load system, providing a 2 to 1 ratio lower inertia system. This ensures smooth rehabilitation applications and high-velocity explosive performance training without weight stack bounce.

2. Versatility in Cable Travel: The pulley system and extra-long cable allow resistance training in seated, isolated, unstable, and standing positions, accommodating a broad range of movements that many competing products cannot.

3. Space-Efficient Circuit: With a small footprint, HumanSport can fit into spaces as limited as 300 square feet. The circuit is highly flexible, and six of the seven machines can be placed back-to-back if required.

4. User-Friendly Training Stations: Each HumanSport machine offers two training stations combined into one, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

5. Certification Workshop and Custom Programs: HumanSport offers an optional comprehensive certification workshop that includes a library of goal-based, custom programs. These pre-authored programs cater to various fitness objectives, from weight loss and golf or tennis conditioning to training for runners, youth, and active aging.

Nautilus HumanSport is a truly unique and game-changing product that creates a new category in fitness facilities. With this circuit, users can pursue their specific fitness goals, while fitness staff and trainers gain a wealth of modalities and training options for clients of all abilities. Experience the endless possibilities and outstanding results with Nautilus HumanSport. Contact Gym Source today to learn more about the Nautilus Humansport Freedom Trainer.