Learn About the Lock N Load Weight System

Welcome to the world of selectorized strength, where weight stack pins are few and far between!  The Nautilus Lock N Load Selectorized Strength Equipment is designed to provide a safer, more durable and maintenance-free operation. The patented pinless system uses internal pins to engage and disengage weight selections. Externally, the user merely flips a switch on a universally color-coded weight stack from red to green, signifying that the pin is in place, and the machine is ready to use.  This makes it easier for users to adjust the weight stack quickly and safely during their workout. 

Along with its ease of use, The Lock N Load system prevents unnecessary maintenance and customer service headaches since there are no pins to lose or replace.  “One of the top concerns with selectorized strength equipment is down time, states Core Health & Fitness Vice President of Product Management & Innovation Jeff Dilts. “Pins can be damaged, broken and or missing, all resulting in restricted use of the machine.”1 The Lock N Load weight selection system resolves this issue.

This innovative weight system can be found on the Nautilus’ Inspiration and Instinct Strength equipment.  If you are looking for new strength equipment that requires less maintenance with improved user-experience, contact The Commercial Fitness Center Specialists at Gym Source and find out which line is best for your fitness facility.


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